The Applique Society's Quilt Group

Our group is a member of The Applique Society. (AKA TAS)

We are "Haven't Missed A Stitch" quilt group that meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at Quilter's Junction, 404 S Tower, Ste 5, Centralia, WA. We meet from 10:30 am to "whenever" up to 5 pm.

Visitors are welcome and encouraged to attend. Visitors can come often - but expected to join The Applique Society within 3-4 visits.

Membership is around 20, with 6-7 regular attendance.

See what our members are up to - check out the member pages.

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Sunday, March 31, 2013

MIA Chick

This is a chicken that is "MIA" done by Teri. She will make it one of these days to our meetings. How exciting to see the block before it arrives!

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Meet the members of our group - Sharon, Arlene, Cil, Jeanette, JoAnne, Barb, Janet and Sue.

Today was a potluck, which we have once a quarter. At potluck times, we have "donations" that we raffle off. We had about 10 different items ranging from books to soap. All but 3 of those were won by Deanna (not pictured).

We each bring things to work on. So, when we are not eating we are appliquing. 

The group decided to do friendship quilts. We started in January and have 4 different blocks in one form or another. The first set of blocks were "Funky Chicken" that we were asked to design in different outfits. 

Jeanette turned hers in today. You can see the other blocks at

JoAnn was the next person to give out quilt blocks for her friendship quilt - 

These are blocks from the circle book. So far only 5 of them have come in. A few of us are a little behind on getting the blocks done, but we are getting there. We were asked to have a black and white piece of fabric in the block. We were also asked to have bright colors. So far it seems the lime green keep showing up in everyones blocks. 

The next set of blocks was provided by Janet, and she is looking for teapots with cups. We were told to use purple in the fabrics. 

Susie (right) showed her quilt to the group. This quilt was at the Museum on one of the Islands for TAS. Deanne was helping her show the quilt. 

Susie gave out her blocks. She used this folder with all the information on the folder. She is very organized and has wonderful ideas to use when working on projects. 

We had a great time and look forward to seeing everyone at the next meeting in April.