The Applique Society's Quilt Group

Our group is a member of The Applique Society. (AKA TAS)

We are "Haven't Missed A Stitch" quilt group that meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at Quilter's Junction, 404 S Tower, Ste 5, Centralia, WA. We meet from 10:30 am to "whenever" up to 5 pm.

Visitors are welcome and encouraged to attend. Visitors can come often - but expected to join The Applique Society within 3-4 visits.

Membership is around 20, with 6-7 regular attendance.

See what our members are up to - check out the member pages.

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Friday, November 18, 2016

Nov 17, 2016

Sue took notes and we had 8 at the meet with Debbie MacInnes.   she brought her  Simplique templates and instructions.  

   We ironed out the details again for Dec. 8  -food is a wide range of tasty treats  and we would encourage you to bring whatever you would be inclined to do.   It is a brunch and luncheon combined with both versions of dishes coming.    We will only have a gift (to 15.00)  in a brown bag exchange that day.  

NO  raffle or odds and ends.   We are simplifying the day  so that we can enjoy it. We decided to have our drawing for  TAS membership in March at potluck.   Sue did take a few photos of the group at the last few meets and will send to them.

Note from Barb:

For those of you at TAS at the Chehalis library yesterday, this email will makes sense!  For the rest of you, a recipe for pancakes you say?  Yes, that is my subject line.  I make these pancakes that are on the healthy side and I l-o-v-e them.  I often add 5 mini Lily's chocolate chips (stevia sweetened) to each pancake as it cooks.  I don't add butter or syrup.  I just eat them like a roll up.  I got on the subject and talked about these....thus the request for the recipe.

Trim Healthy Pancakes
In a blender:
Add 1 cup Old Fashioned organic oats.  Blend until oats turn into powder.
Turn off blender (seriously that is what the recipe says so I included it funny) and add 1 cup 100% liquid Egg Whites and 1 cup low-fat cottage cheese (I like 1%).
Add 2 tsp aluminum free baking powder, 2-3 tsp sweet blend* and a dash of vanilla.
Blend well.  Sometimes I left the batter sit a bit to thicken up.
Heat non stick griddle to medium temp. Spray with a bit of oil spray.  I use a butter/olive oil mix.
I use about 1/4 cup mix and it makes about 9 pancakes (3 per serving).  
*I purchase the Sweet Blend from the Trim Healthy Mama website.  It's a blend of stevia and erythritol.  On that website they have a neat sweetener conversion chart.  I don't like things really sweet so I go light on the sweet blend.  You could use sugar to taste.

Nov 10, 2016

We had a good meeting. There were 5 of us.

We talked about the brunch/luncheon for the Christmas Party at Cil's.

No photos provided.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

October 27, 2016

A discussion was brought up on the Christmas Party for Dec 8th. A decision was made for the party.

Our second meeting in November will be at the Chehalis Public Library where Debbie McInnes will be there to demo her Simplique  templates and share with us about  Piecing the Past.  

No other report was given.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

October 13, 2016

Due to Storms coming to the area, the meeting was cancelled.

Only three members attended, but let. Kathy W and Susy were there for a short time. Lynn missed them both by 5 minus.

Everyone else called and said they would not be in.

Next meeting will be in two weeks. Hope to see everyone there!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

September 22, 2016

We had our Potluck today. It was a great time for all of us who attended.

We all chatted with each other - JoAnn, Jean, a guest and friend of Jean, with Sharon in the front.

Cil, Sue K, Deanna, and a friend chatting.

Barbara and Kathy H in deep conversation.

We had our show of those who remembered to bring an old quilt to share. This was one of Barbs. Looks to be from the Civil War era. She got this from a friend. 

Deanna showed some of her "finds" while back east.  She had a story about the family selling the "mother-in-law" quilt tops. She got this fro $10!!

Deanna showed this quilt. 

This is really pretty. It's a flying geese pattern that was done a few years back. 

This was a baby quilt that we all were trying to figure out. We believe it to be a "kit" from the early 70's or late 60's. Anyone have an idea?

This quilt top was done all by "counted cross stitch" print. The cross stitch is awesome!

Kathy showed this quilt that has been used with love. It has stains, but it's looking good for the age. 

She showed her well loved pincushion she made back in the 70's. It used to have flowers on it, but as time went on, it was well used. 

She also showed a few of her "old" quilts as well. 

This was a Peter Rabbit baby quilt. Cil showed this one. 

Cil brought in a quilt top that was done by her family. 

Another quilt shown by Cil.

This was another one of Cil's quilts. This piece has very small pieces and each piece was done by hand. 

We talked about what we would do for our Christmas party. We are having it at Cil's house again this year. She will give out instruction to everyone when it gets closer. We are doing a potluck, but we will not be doing the drawing for gifts. 

We picked the 18th of October to meet at the Chehalis Library to learn about Debbie McInnis designs. After the details are finalized we will post the information here. 

A great time was had by ALL. 

Thursday, September 8, 2016

September 8, 2016

Today was another good meeting. We had a good turn out with at least 10 members.

Connie Taylor came in to pick up her quilt that Barb quilted for her. We all enjoyed seeing what all she did! We love this quilt! She had it represent her family - those who served in WWI. Hopefully she will join us in our group! This was the pattern that was a BOM on line last year. 

Kathy H, Sue and Kathy W chatting with those of us on the other side. 

Sue was showing her piece that she is making for Cil's granddaughter. There is more going to be added. 

Sue made this quilt top and asked if anyone wanted it. She was trying something out. It turned out great! No pattern to this. Barb took it for the Linus Group in the area. 

Jean is getting her top done! She's so close to having this finished. It looks awesome! This is another one of Nancy Chong's patterns. 

Kathy H was showing her wool blocks she was working on. The Dresden plate pattern is Deanna's. 

They were busy checking out each others work - which is awesome!!

On the calendar - 

Sept 22, 2016, Potluck - bring an old quilt that you have in your house. The older the better. 

Talked about having Debbie McInnis' designs. Sue is checking with Debbie and the library to see where and when we can see her work. She can't be around people with perfumes or any kind of smells. She's very allergic to a lot of that. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 22nd at the Potluck! Bring your quilts!!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

August 26, 2016

Today was a good turn out! We had the following members attending: Sue K, Susy Ca, Kathy H, Kathy W, Cil, Deanna (secretary), JoAnn, Shirley, Lynn and Cis.

This is Cil, Sue K, and Shirley working while listening to Deanna's story.

JoAnn, Kathy W (front), Kathy H (back), and Susy also listening to what Deanna has to say.

We talked about our quilt that was in the SWWFair, here in Centralia/Chehalis. Our quilt is behind Barb and Cil - who worked at the fair to get more appliquers. The quilt got a blue ribbon and Honorable Mention.

Kathy H got "Best of Class" for her quilt.

Cis didn't get her quilt done in time to go into the fair. We did have a good turnout with our group entering quilts. This is a Civil War house saying quilt.

Kathy W finished her top she was making with the cute little flower "people." It's really cute!

Kathy also finished up her block! "Hearts and Flowers" is the name, and both of us just love this block!! It's really pretty and does look like a sunflower.

Susy finished up her border for this quilt top. She's looking forward to the next border. It might be a hexagon border, as she was saying she was waiting on the papers for the hexagons. This is a mariner's compass quilt.

We talked about Debbie MacInnis's "keeping the Past Quilt." Her store is online and notions are also available.

Kathy H, was showing her quilt she was binding on. It's really cute!

October 8th in Olympia, $35 workshop all day. It's at the Baptist Church in Olympia. Eval and Assess Antique Quilts.

Susy C, lost her dog recently. Everyone gave her our sympathy. Her daughter got a poodle to replace their dog.

Quilt Contest deadline is Dec 15th.

September 22nd is our next Potluck. Asked to bring in an old quilt that we may have. We'll have a special show and share with the antique quilts (more than 20 years old).

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next meeting!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

August 11, 2016

Today was a good meeting. We had 7 show up - maybe more after the editor left. The shop had the "$5 Quilt" BOM sign up today. The blocks will be passed out at the Sept Quilt Club meeting.

While that was going on, we were in the back room enjoying each other's company.

Carol showed off her quilt top she just finished putting together. The bears are all done in cross stitch. It is the "stamped" cross stitch and not "counted" cross stitch. Carol has joined our group! We're thrilled to have another member!

Sue and Barb were hard at work. They were working on their projects.

Kathy W came in and showed the blocks she's making for one of her grandbaby's. She has the hard part of her children telling her what colors they want. Sometimes she's told what pattern too!

Another of Kathy's blocks. She had three of them, and we all were thrilled to see what she's been up to!

This is another she's working on! We all love this pattern!

Lynn (editor) bought the pattern on the table as well as worked on her needle case. She had to leave early, so didn't get to do a lot today.

Sue wanted everyone to know the next Potluck is Sept 22, 2016. She is asking that members bring an "OLD" quilt top or quilt to the meeting. She wants to share older quilts with everyone. We all marked that down. We even had a chat about what "old" was. We determined our husbands were, but then decided that 50 years or older would do.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Aug 25, 2016. Also looking forward to see what awards were awarded to our members at the SWW Fair! Hoping we all do well. Our quilt is entered for a prize, so it will be fun to see if we win anything!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

July 28, 2016

At the time of this writing, the editor was not given any information as to what went on at the meeting.

What the editor does know, the group talked about helping out at the fair in Aug. Four people volunteered to help.

No other information was provided.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

July 14, 2016

Today was our quarterly potluck. We were not able to have it at the last meeting, so we changed the date till this time.

We had a good turn out. We even had a visitor who is thinking of joining us.

We had a good amount of food as well. It was one of the first times that we had more desserts than we have food.

JoAnn, Kathy H, (Lynn's seat), Barb, (visitor), Deanna, and Cil. That was part of the group, the ones missing was Cis, Teri, and Sue K.

Sue K, Cil and Cis.

We passed around a card for everyone to sign for one of our older members who is no longer with us. We also signed a letter to Deanna's cousin, as she lost both grandparents in three months. Deanna's cousin visited with our group in May.

Kathy H, showed the Sunbonnet Sue quilt that she finished. She was working on the label today.

Members where checking out which blocks were theirs. We figured out we started these in 2013. This quilt was done this year, so it was a 2 year work in progress. Kathy was telling everyone that she is working on finishing a project before she starts another one. We all wished her luck with that.

 We had our drawing for what others brought to give away. We made some money in the process. That money is saved till we get $25 for a membership drawing.

Our next meeting is July 28th. Looking forward to seeing everyone there! Come join us if you are around Centralia WA. We'd love to have you!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

June 23, 2016

We had a small turn out. There were 6 of us appliqueing while Kathy H was helping with the Shop Hoppers. The store was busy, and we invited very one to have cookies and see what we were doing.

We had good conversations - even when we disagreed.

Deanna worked on her "Orca" quilt top. 

It's coming along really well. She finished the green whale today. 

Sue K was working on her Hawaiian wall hanging - or whatever - depending on what she does when it's done. 

Cis worked on her blocks. This is a scrap quilt she's working on and has finished at least 3 blocks in the last month of meeting. 

Barb is working on is set of blocks. It's really pretty. Think this is a BOM. 

Kathy was finishing up her Hearts and Flowers block. 

Lynn brought her eagle block to work on, but instead was stitching the binding on the quilt. 

This is Lynn and the quilt she was binding. It's one of the Quilts of Valor quilts that her and Donna do. This quilt was made by Donna Slusher. 

Our next meeting July 14th - Potluck Day! Since we were not comfortable having our potluck today we will be having it at the next meeting.