The Applique Society's Quilt Group

Our group is a member of The Applique Society. (AKA TAS)

We are "Haven't Missed A Stitch" quilt group that meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at Quilter's Junction, 404 S Tower, Ste 5, Centralia, WA. We meet from 10:30 am to "whenever" up to 5 pm.

Visitors are welcome and encouraged to attend. Visitors can come often - but expected to join The Applique Society within 3-4 visits.

Membership is around 20, with 6-7 regular attendance.

See what our members are up to - check out the member pages.

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

March 23, 2016

This year is flying by!  We had a good time today. It was our potluck day. We had about 8 members show up. We missed a couple of our regulars.

Cil and Cis where enjoying working on their projects between our potluck.

Terri, Sharon, Susy, and Kathy H where listening to what Sue K and Lynn had to say about our Annual Meeting.

We will be putting on the Annual Meeting with Myron's Girls, on May 3rd. We will be doing lunch and the trunk show. Lynn was collecting the registration forms for those attending as well as those helping out.  She said there were about 14 members attending so far. When we paid our "fee" it jumped up to 21 members attending. Lynn will give out more information at the next meeting. We will be working on a schedule next time.

All in all, we had a great meeting!

Our next meeting is April 7th. If your in town, come join us!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

March 10, 2016

We had a good turn out. There were at least 9 members attending. Half of those had to leave early for one thing or another.

Kathy W was working on her border. She was pinning her vine on the border.

Barb came prepared! She was working on her project as well.

This is one of the blocks she had stashed in her box above. There were a couple project in that container.

Susy showed her friendship quilt that she finished. It was funny how some member who made the blocks didn't realize it was their blocks! They thought Susy finished another one of her projects on her own. This quilt was in the quilt show at the Christian School in Centralia, last month.

Have a closer look.

Sharon was working on her Civil War quilt that is a BOM online. We all loved her green fabric she used on this one.

Cis was working on a few of her blocks as well. This is one of about 8 she had finished. They were all different. Didn't get a photo of all of them.

Sharon was showing her quilt she finished. This was a panel quilt she was working on. Turned out great.

Susy was showing her new BOM block that is the center of a quilt. This is featured in a magazine. She bought the fabrics from the gal who's pattern is being used.

Terri was working on her Dresden plates. It's part of the pattern above in the photo.

Lynn was working on her "2 Fabric Applique - Cat Nap" quilt. This will be on display at the shop for her class that will be in April.

Classes of interest coming to the shop -

David Christiansen - Flag quilt
Lynn Wiltzius - "2 fabric applique" - learning basis of starting it.
Nancy Lee Chong - "Applique the Nancy Chong way"
Donna Slusser - Log Cabin
Shirley Taylor & Lynn Wiltzius - beginning applique
Barbara Braun - Hand Quilting

Check with Rita at Whalen Quilt Works for more information.


Registration is requested and contact Lynn Wiltzius (message can be sent from blog) for the registration. A $5 fee for our Annual Meeting. This pays for the hall. We will have the annual meeting, demo's from 4 very talented quilters, and a trunk show from the two groups - Myron's Girls and Haven't Missed a Stitch.