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Saturday, September 24, 2016

September 22, 2016

We had our Potluck today. It was a great time for all of us who attended.

We all chatted with each other - JoAnn, Jean, a guest and friend of Jean, with Sharon in the front.

Cil, Sue K, Deanna, and a friend chatting.

Barbara and Kathy H in deep conversation.

We had our show of those who remembered to bring an old quilt to share. This was one of Barbs. Looks to be from the Civil War era. She got this from a friend. 

Deanna showed some of her "finds" while back east.  She had a story about the family selling the "mother-in-law" quilt tops. She got this fro $10!!

Deanna showed this quilt. 

This is really pretty. It's a flying geese pattern that was done a few years back. 

This was a baby quilt that we all were trying to figure out. We believe it to be a "kit" from the early 70's or late 60's. Anyone have an idea?

This quilt top was done all by "counted cross stitch" print. The cross stitch is awesome!

Kathy showed this quilt that has been used with love. It has stains, but it's looking good for the age. 

She showed her well loved pincushion she made back in the 70's. It used to have flowers on it, but as time went on, it was well used. 

She also showed a few of her "old" quilts as well. 

This was a Peter Rabbit baby quilt. Cil showed this one. 

Cil brought in a quilt top that was done by her family. 

Another quilt shown by Cil.

This was another one of Cil's quilts. This piece has very small pieces and each piece was done by hand. 

We talked about what we would do for our Christmas party. We are having it at Cil's house again this year. She will give out instruction to everyone when it gets closer. We are doing a potluck, but we will not be doing the drawing for gifts. 

We picked the 18th of October to meet at the Chehalis Library to learn about Debbie McInnis designs. After the details are finalized we will post the information here. 

A great time was had by ALL. 

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